Yoga Postures

Just like any other exercises, Yoga follows a series of poses. You start by opening or warming-up. The first thing you do is to sit quietly for a few minutes. This will allow you to gather your energy, let go of all your concerns, and become centered. This will also help you in planning about the Yoga Poses you want to do. Then you shift from feeling the outside to the inside by centering your attention to your Breathing. Breathe freely, then breathe deeper after a few minutes. Then you may start with opening poses. Remember that Yoga Poses are done slowly and meditatively combined with abdominal breathing. These gentle movements not only reawaken your awareness and control of your body, but also have a profound effect spiritually – freeing you from fears and helping to instill confidence and serenity. And at the end of the Yoga Session, you will find yourself relaxed and full of energy – quite unlike other forms of physical exercise which cause fatigue through overexertion.
Yoga Poses or asanas are based on seven primary types of movements: 1. flexion; 2. extension; 3. hyperextension; 4. abduction; 5. adduction; 6. rotation, and; 7. circumduction. These are basically the movements your body can make. A Yoga Pose may be one or a combination of any of these types of movements. The locust pose, for example, uses hyperextension. These poses are designed to release tension in your muscles and joints in order to make your body stronger, more flexible and balanced. This section will teach you the Basic Yoga Session – from warm-up to cool-down. A Basic Yoga Session will include opening poses, standing poses, salutations, shoulder and hip exercises, back and forward bends, inversions, twists and finishing poses.

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