The postnatal period is a very special time for mothers and babies. This programme of classes is specially designed to provide a warmly supportive environment in which to enjoy getting to know your baby, sharing beneficial practices to aid postnatal recovery and learning to relax in each others' presence over the postnatal year and beyond.


  • Provides pleasure and relaxation for mother and baby
  • Assists in enhancing the mother-baby bond
  • Soothes babies and helps promote better sleep
  • Aids digestion helps relieve colic, constipation, wind
  • Strenghten the immune system and muscles
  • Improve muscles texture, coordination and reflexes

Nature of classes:

Classes usually meet once a week for 4 weeks. A session is between 45 min. and 1 hour.
The ideal baby's age is from 4 weeks old to 12 months.

After every lesson there is plenty of time for talks about our baby's and parents can mix and make new friends as well as babys interacting with others.

All are welcome: sleeping, crying, laughing !!
Premature babies / babies with special needs are also catered for.

Course Dates:

Contact re next start date, each course is 4 weeks

What you need:

Bring yourself in loose comfortable clothing, your baby and all the accessories required.
Mats, cushions, rugs all provided.


4 Week Course - €60 *includes take home notes and oils.

Got a question? Just send us a message… We’d love to hear from you!