About Purely Yoga

Revive your Mind, Restore your Body and Renew your Soul.

Purely Yoga was established to help others experience the joy and well being through practicing Yoga.

Many people are first drawn to Yoga as a way to keep their bodies fit and supple. Others come seeking relief or help for a specific ailment like tension or backache. Whatever your reason is Yoga can be a tool in giving you both what you came for and more.

To understand what Yoga is all about, you need to experience it for yourself. At first glance it may seem to be just a series of strange physical postures which keep the body lean and flexible. But in time, anyone who continues with regular practice becomes awaye of subtle changes in their approach in life. Yoga makes you discover your true nature, a state of inner peace, through the practice of toning and relaxing your body and relaxing your mind. Yoga helps in realising ones true, in finding what one seeks – consciously or un consciously. Controlling the mind will give you the ability to do a lot of things: it will set you free from your illusions and preconceptions that prevent you from fulfilling yourself.


*B – BLACKROCK Small studio, in the heart of blackrock village. Just behind the main street.


Classes are suitable for those just beginning and also experienced practitioners.

GROUP – up to 3 people €60 (add €10 per additional person)

CORPORATE – up to 10 people €90 (45 minutes lunchtime or after work session)

PRIVATE – one to one – €50 (at a time suitable for you)

(all classes require 24hr cancellation notice, or there will incur a cancellation fee)

To see a full schedule of classes offered by purely yoga & times of these please click on the classes section. To join please email us or drop in.

Classes available for small groups or in perhaps organise some sessions in your Montessori BABY & TODDLER REFLEXOLOGY:
A loving touch. This is added in to the baby yoga class however if you want more you can book private baby or toddler reflexology for one on one attention. GROUP AND CORPORATE YOGA CLASSES:
Also available are small group classes, working on the specific needs of the group and corporate classes, perhaps you want a lunchtime class in your place of work. YOGA @ SCHOOLS:
Why not add yoga to your school timetable or as part of the after school activities. Yoga has been shown to be very beneficial for grounding kids, especially in todays faced paced environment. FAMILY YOGA SESSIONS:
Why not organise a session with your kids, and have some fun together as a family. GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE:
A thoughtful Christmas or Birthday present for your loved one – either a course of lessons or perhaps a few private lessons to get anyone started.


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